Golden Hinde

Pirates Secrets of Mauritius and Rodrigues

The key
The key to this website can be found in the book: 'Pirate secrets of Mauritius and Rodrigues'
Written by Alan Grihault and illustrated by Deborah Dove

The book
This book is unusual because as you read it you will be taking part in a treasure hunt. You will have to solve various puzzles. When you have successfully solved all the puzzles you will obtain a password.
You are then asked to open this website:
Important: You will not discover the Password without reading the book.

The password
Enter your password in the spaces below where it says 'Password' (one letter in each box).
Don't forget to fill in your name.

Enter your name carefully:

First name:  Second name:  Last (family) name: 


Digging up your treasure password

There are twelve letters that make up your password. Each box has a number above it.
Look for the number in your clue words (from pages 84 and 85 in your ‘Pirate secrets’ book)
and write the letter under it in the boxes below.
Hopefully your clue words will be correct, and you will manage to discover your password.

Now enter your secret password:

7172362123 2151311929

Digging up your treasure